Katherine Brannon

Bio: Katherine Brannon lives in LA where you can find her at home, rewatching S3 Ep 20 of The XFiles as we speak. Originally from rural Arkansas, she was raised on Barbra Streisand musicals and 1970s scifi, a confusing but happy upbringing. If you're wondering who's that one actor in that one movie that came out a few years ago, she can tell you (and will recite their entire IMDB even though you didn't ask). Katherine's "top 10" lists usually include at least one film starring the prodigious Nicolas Cage. Her greatest accomplishment is getting into The Americans two seasons before it was cool. Her weaknesses are spelling and straightforward dramas. Please do not tell anyone she's never seen The Wire or made it past season 2 of Breaking Bad. Katherine writes about what you should be watching at https://thescreenandi.wordpress.com/ and argues about pop culture on Red Rover Podcast (https://soundcloud.com/user-487759887). Please @ her if they ever bring back Party Down.

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