October Watch-a-thon, Day 5


It (2017)

in theaters now

I knew I’d enjoy doing an October Watch-a-thon, but I didn’t know how much I’d love finding new ways to cheat. Unfortunately cheating is a must sometimes, especially on weekdays when I don’t have much time to write. For this one, I’m going cross-promotional. On the latest episode of Red Rover Podcast- a little project I started with a friend last January – we discuss the new adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, IT. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, IT came out last month, got very solid reviews and just killed at the box office (wrong choice of words? Pennwise wouldn’t think so) My podcasting partner, Shomari, and I get into our thoughts about the scares, the clowns and those kids – so gosh darn cute – around minute 23:00, so feel free to jump to there. And check out more episodes of Red Rover on Soundcloud, Itunes or however you listen to podcasts if you think it might be your thing –

*general spoilers for the plot of the movie*

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