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American Horror Story, Season 1 “Murder House”

Available for streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime

It’s day 2 of October Watch-a-thon and I’m already cheating. This feels right. Here’s a slightly tweaked repost of something I wrote back in 2014 about why the first season of AHS is really the only one you need:

Most Ryan Murphy projects walk the line between deliciously over the top and hot mess insanity for a season or two before tipping into full hot mess. So it goes with American Horror Story  – I stuck around for seasons two, three and part of season four (that’s the one lead by Kathy Bate’s dismembered talking,  head, right?). And while there were some salvageable elements of each one – Season 2’s X-Files pastiche, any scene with Jessica Lange natch – I just can’t wholeheartedly endorse any of them. Too much sloppiness trying to be passed off as shocking. Too much outre horror, not enough story.

But where those subsequent seasons go wrong,  its first conception, “Murder House,” nails the execution – it’s a one-off terror extravaganza presented as a mini-series, in which Murphy throws everything at the wall and, miraculously, it all sticks. This is a truly horrifying entry to the Watch-a-thon list so be prepared to hide under your slanket while every wrong thing you can think of befalls the unfortunate hipster family who just happen to move into LA’s notorious Murder House (and, really, they couldn’t find anything else? I know prices are high on the Westside, but sheesh).

Starring a meal of raw pigs brain and Connie Britton’s always on point hair.

birthing a demon, but her blow out still looks great

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