Who You Gonna Call? Stranger Things Season 2 Gets the Gang Back Together For the Apocalypse

“Don’t you think it’s weird…that we only seem to hang out when the world’s about to end?” – Nancy, aka Nance The residents of Hawkins, Indiana have been through a lot. At least the ones we got to know back in Season 1 of  Stranger Things: the Netflix show that unexpectedly became a meme-generating, merch- selling […]

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October Watch-a-thon, Day 7

The House of the Devil available to stream with Shudder (free 7 day trail available) on Amazon “During the the 1980s over 70% of American adults believed in the existence of abusive Satanic Cults…the following is based on true unexplained events” So begins Ti West’s The House of the Devil – a 2009 horror film […]

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October Watch-a-thon, Day 5

It (2017) in theaters now I knew I’d enjoy doing an October Watch-a-thon, but I didn’t know how much I’d love finding new ways to cheat. Unfortunately cheating is a must sometimes, especially on weekdays when I don’t have much time to write. For this one, I’m going cross-promotional. On the latest episode of Red […]

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October Watch-a-thon, Day 4

It Follows, Available for streaming on Netflix Hi. Cheating again. It Follows came out in 2014, and since then I’ve been talking about it to whoever would listen. It has a brilliant, original concept and commits to its story and characters in a way that’s rare in horror. There are no cheap thrills in It Follows, […]

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October Watch-a-thon, Day 3

The Witch, Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Alright friends, these are going to get shorter as the week wears on me. Luckily it’s easy to put my love for the 2015 horror film, The Witch, into a few appreciative sentences – the movie is visually precise, hauntingly acted and will send all those nightmares that […]

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American Horror Story, Season 1 “Murder House” Available for streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime It’s day 2 of October Watch-a-thon and I’m already cheating. This feels right. Here’s a slightly tweaked repost of something I wrote back in 2014 about why the first season of AHS is really the only one you need: Most […]


October Watch-a-thon, Day 1

Community, Season 2 Episode 6 “Epidemiology”, Available for streaming on Hulu To say I watch this episode of television every year for Halloween is a lie – I watch it much, much more often than that. In my opinion it is as perfect a twenty minutes and six seconds of tv as you’ll find out […]

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